Friday, August 5, 2011

It Can't Hurt to Ask

I was looking at my calendar and trying to determine when our potential egg retrieval might be for our donor. If everything went smoothly and based on my lining check being scheduled on the 13th, Dotty's ER could have been right around the first day back at school. Since Tidy is a teacher, having the ER be on the first day of school would NOT be ok!

(Can you believe we started this process back at the end of May and we are still sitting here figuring out dates! Yikes. This has been mostly due to the the legal stuff and my body not cooperating, but grrr. This has been a long process!)

Anyways, that first day of school, as many of you teachers know, is a critical day for setting the tone of the school year and getting off to the right start. Tidy was not thrilled by the possibility of having to figure out how to leave school on his first day to go donate his swimmers to our baby making cause.

So I emailed my nurse at the clinic and explained the situation to her. And guess what... they agreed to move my lining check up to this coming Wednesday! Yay! That means Dotty's baseline is most likely going to be on Friday, a week from today... She could be starting stims a week from today!!! Can this really be happening?

I know, I know... don't get ahead of yourself, Tippy... We still have to make sure my lining is happy and we still have to make sure Dotty is ready to start stims, but at least we are getting closer. I can see that next hoop!
UPDATED (just about an hour after i posted the above) - BOOO!!! I guess we have to wait another week. 3 people's schedules are often harder to coordinate than 2, huh? I got so excited to get started and now... smack... wait again. Turns out Dotty is going to be out of town around the time her baseline would be if we were able to start late next week and she didn't share that w/ the RE's because she'd been targeting a baseline of the following week. So we're back to waiting just a bit longer.... Doh!

This really is a game of HURRY UP AND WAIT!


Sarah S said...

Ugh the waiting game sucks!

I hope the time flies by for you!!

jill's infertility document said...

F is a teacher, too. Teachers have the most inflexible schedules, don't they! It is so hard for teachers to miss work, we end up trying to plan treatment around school schedules, which becomes really difficult the more intense the treatment gets.

I hope all schedules fall into coordination for you, without having to wait and without stress!

Chelle said...

Arg! That totally sucks about having to wait. Although it is better to wait and have the chance than not at all. Bummer. :(

Now we see why infertility is more stressful than having cancer....

St Elsewhere said...

Ack! I know I know....aligning three people's schedule is trickier than doing it for two. I hope everything falls back into place again and soon.

Take Care, Tippy!

Anonymous said...

Ugh! I was getting all excited until I saw the update....grrr. But, got this, girl. And it's still practically around the corner....hopefully all works out and Tidy won't have to worry about his first day of school. ::crossing fingers::

RunningMama said...

Arg. So aggrevating to have to WAIT SOME MORE. (Sorry for the late check-in; been on vaca and couldn't access your blog from my iphone!)