Disclaimer & Prior Blog

I used to write under my real name at As Fast As My Baby Can. I had a good following of AFI bloggers and also some friends and family. But you will see, on my second to last post of that blog that I decided to move my blog to a new url and go 'incognito' to remove some of my IRL readers that I didn't know were reading my blog. Thus began "Tippy and Tidy's Tumultuous Trip to Toddlers. "

For those NEW readers who just found me here, I'm invite you to read the musings on my prior blog but I simply ask the following:

1) You understand that this is MY journal, MY little place on the internet, to be brutally honest and get the support that I need and deserve, about our struggle to find our children. It's important for me to have this place. I won't always be nice and I may say things that are a bit uncomfortable, but they are a true and deep reaction to living with this disease. I ask that you not take anything personally.

2) If you DO know me IRL and weren't initially invited over when I moved here I ask that you please respect my privacy and right to have this blog. Additionally, if you have any problems with what I say in here, please come talk to me first before you talk with anyone else. I will respect your opinions.

Thank you all my dear readers. I really do appreciate you all for coming along with me on this.

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