Monday, April 25, 2011

Moments in the 2ww

Some moments, I feel like this could work.

Most moments, I feel like this has failed and we're gonna have to figure out a plan B.

But the best moments right now are when I realize that for the last 'x' many hours or so,  I haven't thought about it... at... all!! I love when work is busy during the two week wait.

One week down. One to go. The easy half is over and I'm staring the hard half in the face, trying to figure out how to proceed through it... Pee on lots of sticks? Over-analyze any and all twitch and or feeling that isn't really normal? Stare at the toilet paper every time I wipe?

I think for now, I'll just try to breathe.


amiracle4us said...

I hate the 2ww especially with IVF!! I wish we could pass the worry to someone else while you are in it; i'd take it for you ;)
One week down, 7 days can do this!
Are you going to POAS? Sometimes I think absolutely, then other times, noooooooo!!!
Sending you hugs and quick time :)

marilyn said...

one more week!!! almost there! sounds very stressful. That is great work is busy. My work is so quiet..I am not looking forward to the 2ww at work.maybe i will just take the time off. Not sure. It is all very exciting and stressful! what are some of your symptoms?

Maria said...

A whole week went by??? Dang that was fast! I like your breathing strategy.....girl, you SO got this! :D

Baby Steps said...

I am breathing with you.

I want this so badly for you.

It's about time, your time!

Cyndi said...

To a quick and speedy week!

foxy said...

Hi there Tippy. What a great little blog! Here form ICLW and spent some time wandering around your posts. what a long an winding journey you've been on these past few years. I am always so impressed with the strength and resiliency that I find in this community. It really is so incredible. You really are pretty incredible.

Good luck with the breathing this next week. I'm doing my best to keep breathing these days too. If its not one thing, another is always waiting in the wings, or so it feels.

Good luck!

LisaB said...

Keep hanging in there, my dear! It is SOOOO rough. I keep thinking of you and can't wait for GOOD news! I am sending lots of positive sticky vibes your way! HUGS

Fran said...

Hi Tippy, I'm stopping by for ICLW and wanted to leave you a big hug. Also of course lots of positive vibes for this FET to be the one that finally works (it was the case for me!). The second week is the absolute worse but for me testing early never brought good news. Hang in there!

Fran ICLW #131

BBH said...

Good luck, good luck, good luck! Crossing my fingers and toes for you! Happy ICLW.

Cherm29 said...

Breath in and out....that's all you gotta do this week. Oh and eat a little something too. :) Moment by moment my friend. Drown yourself in work and home stuff....Hanging onto hope for you and I like what Baby Steps said...this is YOUR time!

Sarah S said...

You are over half where there!!!

6 days to go!!!

I hate the second half!!

Baby Mo and I have our fingers and toes crossed for you!!!