Sunday, July 17, 2011

Flare Up

After chatting online with an good friend and IVF veteran, I know now WHY, at least, my body decides behave the way it does when I take Lupron. It's called a FLARE response. And I seem to be very sensitive to this.

Since, as I mentioned in my last post, that this has happened 3 of the 4 times I have tried to be suppressed with Lupron, I've been so angry at my body, like... why the hell don't you cooperate, huh? But at least now I have a medical reason as to why this does happen. I guess my hormone response is just not as strict as it should be. I think it goes to show you that there's only so much that medicine can do to control you body, but sometimes, it just has a mind of its own.

This response is actually something that is WANTED in some IVF (non Donor) protocols for women with a lower ovarian response. Here's a link discussing the"flare" protocol if you are interested.

But basically, depending on the time of the month that you are given Lupron, before your pituitary is blocked from sending hormone signals to your ovaries to grow eggs (which is the point of Lupron), the first day or so it causes an excess of LH and FSH to be produced which in turn can cause your ovaries to start growing a follicle or two. And maybe, because although I was on birth control this time before I started Lupron, but because I had been on it so long and my body was already trying to have a period and move on, the initial few doses of Lupron caused this flare, instead of suppressing everything right away.

So... yet another little medical lesson from the mind of Tippy for your enjoyment (well, that and the very smart minds of the doctors in this field, and well, a lot of research on "the Google")

...and yet another lesson in patience for me.


Anonymous said...

Patience: something IF is CONSTANTLY pushing us to have!!!! xoxo

cgd said...

weird and interesting, I wish you could be spared a lesson or 2 (or 10 at this point)!!!

LisaB said...

That is definitely interesting and good to know. I wish it wasn't doing that to you though! Come on!!!

Chelle said...

I have read about other bloggers doinf Lupron flares. I never knew what it meant though.

I totally get you when it comes to being the exception to the medical rules. It is so frustrating to feel like you are the only person who doesn't respond the way you should.

The question now is, can your doctors work around it?

Anonymous said...

Awesome! So glad that you at least have medical a reason for this craziness.