Friday, March 30, 2012

Mini Baby-moon

This week Tidy and I had originally planned to go somewhere warm for 5 days or so to lounge in the sun one last time, sans babies. But after looking at prices and realizing that we had more to do at our house than we expected, well... sunshine, pools and naps were off the table.

But we did instead go for a quick overnight to a spa near by. We arrived early on Tuesday and both got a massage and enjoyed the hot tub and plunge pools. Tidy sat in the sauna and I put my feet in the hot tub. It was very relaxing and a good way to just tune out for a bit. We had intended to go out to a nice dinner as well, but Tidy's stomach wasn't feeling well, so instead, we ordered room service, sat in bed and watch cable tv (which we don't have at home... I'm "frugal" :-) ). I think we watched about 3 hours of "Deadliest Catch" from the Discovery Channel. I was hooked! And to top the evening off, I went down to the ice cream shop and ordered an chocolate gelato, brought it back to the room and blissfully sat in bed, savoring the yummy goodness.

Hey, if I can't indulge in wine, I guess gelato will have to do, right?

The next day, we woke up late, I went to a yoga class at the spa and Tidy sat outside, soaking in the cool spring sun (not the same as, say, FL sun, but it was better than nothing).

It really was a very nice and relaxing 24 hours, away from the chaos that is our house right now (due to my purging, and baby room nesting...).

So now it's back to reality and I can see my 30 week goal of getting most things done quickly creeping up on me. I'd better start making more lists.

In medical news, 2 very exciting things: 1) I passed my 1 hr glucose test that I took yesterday. YAY!! and 2) The marginal placenta previa that they had seen in the past ultrasounds seem to be gone! Phew... So, on we go, marching towards the third trimester with all things going well, so far. Just keeping my fingers crossed every day that they continue this way.


And now, the stats and a bump pic:

Status: 27w1d

Weight Gain: Will weigh in again in early April.

Symptoms:  Itchy itchy itchy! All right up on the top of my belly, near my solar plexus area. 

Cravings: None to speak of

Aversions: None to speak of

Exercise:  Monday: 45 min prenatal yoga, Wednesday am: 1 hr power flow yoga at the spa, Wednesday pm: 1hr prenatal yoga, Thursday: 30 min walk with the dog.

Best Moment of the Week: Mini-baby-moon with Tidy. Simply being together with him makes me happy. We live such busy lives that when we take time to just shut the world out and be together, it always reaffirms to me how strong our bond is. He also is enjoying my laughter lately. For some reason, pregnancy has helped me re-find my laughter and it feels sooo good.

What I Look Forward to: More work done on the nursery this weekend! Here's a sneak peak at the color and the studio couch we will use for nursing and a spare bed in case either of us want to sleep in there. Next steps: Nail in the base boards, have new windows installed, change out electrical outlets to GCI and install the new overhead light. More pics to come...


TheThirtiesGirl said...

Sounds like a relaxing time! Can't wait to see the final nursery pictures.

Leigh said...

Sounds like a very relaxing time!
I love deadliest catch! Try Netflix, it's way cheaper than cable. 8 bucks a month.

Roccie said...

Great news on your PP. Even though they say it will likely clear up, it sure is scary.

Very, very proud of you for taking the time out. Wise momma already.

(Always here reading but cannot peck out validation words on my phone!)

Glass Case of Emotion said...

We have to nail in some baseboards in the nursery too... Ha. Glad to hear things are going well- good for you and the mini-babymoon. Adoption was too costly for us to take one, but we have been trying to go out and have wine, etc... I'll have a glass for you!

RunningMama said...

Woot woot! So glad you got away for at least a little bit! I love seeing the belly!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous belly! And baby room! :) And how fantastic that you guys had a little time to relax. :)

Gurlee said...

Sounds great, glad you had the opportunity to get pamper yourselves. You look super cute!

Shannon Ivy said...

May I ask, where did you find the studio couch?