Sunday, March 11, 2012

Checking Things Off

Checking things off the to-do list is helping me sleep better I think. For the last week, I have been waking up at 3 or 4 in the morning with a busy head, not being able to fall back to dream land. It sucks, because it makes me so tired during the day. This actually seems to happen to me as the seasons change, especially as winter turns into spring. It reminds me that I need to go back to my acupuncturist for a balancing session...

But, back to the checking off. This weekend we've been very productive:

  • We bought a studio couch for the nursery. I've been doing a lot of research on what type of seating to get for nursing the babies. Although a rocker or glider sounds nice, we've decided to go with a larger 2-seater couch so that I can have enough room to tandem feed the twins. It also converts to a bed by putting the arms down, in case I need to just fall asleep in there. Next step: Find someone who can make baby friendly (read poop, pee and spit up friendly) covers for the cushions.
  • We bough the B.O.B duallie stroller, in navy, WITH the cup holder attachment, thanks to my very generous dad. THANKS DAD!!! 
  • We bought new electrical outlets that are white, because the current cream ones in there won't match, but MORE importantly, they are GCI outlets so there's a bit more protection in there.
  • We also went to buy the paint for the room, (and, by the way, it was the bottom middle one), but they were out of the base required to make the color, so our plans of painting the nursery this weekend were foiled... Drat! But I took a whole week off during Tidy's spring break (the last week in March) so we can finish up much of the painting and planning.
  • We also decided on a bassinet/crib/toddler bed system... now, the trick is to find out where the best place is to buy them to save the most $$ on shipping, since I can't seem to find a store that stocks them. I'll post pics as soon as we have those up.
  • I found a beautiful piece of yellow fabric to turn into a wall hanging to brighten up our "cheery" grey walls
  • AND I bought this sweet print from Etsy. My friend Mags pointed it out to me and it's PERFECT because 1) It goes well with the light I want to put up, 2) Its is in the same colors of our nursery AND 3) The song is very sentimental to me, since I recall this being one of our family songs sung a lot to us as babies. 

So, you see? Lots of checks on the list of to-dos, makes me feel VERY happy and accomplished. It's starting to come together. AND I'm sleeping better. 

Next up? Our first baby shower is this coming Saturday. EEEEK! I'm going to a baby shower!! And it's for ME!!!! (Well, I guess Tidy too .... ;-) ).  

And now, the stats: 
Status: 24w3d

Weight Gain: My guess of 23 lbs was a little low. I weighed in at the OB on Friday (24w1d) at 26 lbs up. Feeling a bit "fat" but loving these curves. I think my bum is getting a bit bigger, but overall, most of it is in my belly. (I think)

Symptoms: I'm absolutely loving the daily movements. That's really the only symptom I have right now. Some days I am more hungry than others, but mostly I feel pretty normal. I still have some gallbladder pain here and there, but definitely manageable with diet modifications. I had an amazing massage last week from a massage therapy student learning to do prenatal massage, so it was FREE! (Anywhere we can save $$ right now feels so good) and so the back is feeling great. 

Cravings: None to speak of

Aversions: None to speak of

Exercise: I finally made my 4 day goal!! It took me long enough... Saturday: 3.5 mile elliptical, Sunday 60min spinning, Tuesday: 45 min power flow yoga. Wednesday: 1 hr prenatal yoga. I also went to go find a swim suit for working out in, but I can't seem to rationalize buying a new one for $60 or so just to fit me for 3 more months. We'll see. I haven't seen a pregnancy speedo out there, but haven't done too much research. The larger sizes that fit my belly are too long and don't cover my boobs... such a quandary.

Best Moment of the Week: My OB appointment this past Friday. I'll write another post on that shortly. Basically, it gave me the hope that I could have a birth closer to one that I've wanted, rather than assuming I need to move directly to a c-section. I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to have a c-section, but for me, I'd like to have a vaginal birth if possible.... Oh, and #2 on the list of best moments this week, was my shopping trip with Tidy yesterday. I think things are starting to feel a bit more real for him too.

What I Look Forward to: My first baby shower on Saturday with my family.


Anonymous said...

I love the couch, would you mind telling we where you got it and what the name is? You'll also find as the twins get older and you do bedtime or pre naptime stories it's nice to have a small sofa for everyone to cuddle up:)

Tippy said...

Thanks Anonymous! I got the couch at World Market. It's called their Studio Day Couch. I think it will be great for hanging out with both of them. I can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

thanks! so happy and also impressed with your attitude! also, i saw this grey/yellow nursery scheme
(i got the elephant mobile myself :)

Shelley Easter said...

Hi Tippy, I just stumbled upon this post while researching seating options for my expected twins. Were you happy with this sofa? I love the look of it. Please let me know if you'd recommend it or something else!

Thank you,

Shelley Easter said...

Hi Tippy, I just stumbled upon your blog while searching for seating options for nursing twins. I'm expecting in October and would love to hear your thoughts on the studio sofa. I love the look of it. Would you recommend it, or something else?

Thank you!