Saturday, April 7, 2012


Here we are, the first week of our 3rd trimester. I can't believe that I'm even writing that sometimes, and yet other times, this all just seems so... normal, natural, like I knew how to do this all along.

A few days ago, I went to bed looking at Tidy and said, "Tomorrow is the beginning of our 29th week." I got weepy. I think it finally hit me that there is a real big chance that these will be our take home babies. While of course we want them to stay inside for quite a bit longer, if they were to have to enter the world now, their chances of survival are very high. This is very  comforting.

I don't have a whole lot to update everyone on, other than my dad and mom came for a visit last weekend to help get a few things accomplished in the nursery that I simply couldn't have done at this point. We hung the light fixture (I can't count how many "M-thr, F-thrs" cam out of my dad's mouth... LOL! We certainly are carved from the same stone. When I do projects like that, while I do enjoy it, every little annoyance turns into some swear word leaking out of my mouth). We also put the baseboards back in (I had taken them out a few years ago to pain them and just never put them back in. I didn't want to finish that room until I had a reason to. I'm sure many of you understand). And finally, I changed out all of the outlet with GCI protectors on them. Now, we just need to get the windows replaced (in a few weeks) and then I can finally start putting some of our stuff away.

Each day when I spend time organizing or making lists of things to do, I get a little sense of reality, that soon, this room, these clothes, these blankets, will be filled with our babies.

It seems real sometimes, and yet other times when I'm sitting on the couch with Tidy, watching the Masters on a normal spring weekend, I realize that I truly have no clue how our life is about to change. But that's ok. It's a fun anticipation to linger with.


And now, the stats:

Status: 28w2d

Weight Gain: Will weigh in again on Monday. I'm thinking 32 lbs up.

Symptoms:  I had some mild heartburn the last few days, but I realized it was after every meal that I consumed beans. So, no more beans. Luckily it's not waking me up or causing me not to sleep. I have found a few things that help too: Papaya Enzymes (Fresh Papaya would be better, but I'm too lazy), and Almond milk (specifically in the form of ice cream! It contains a lot of calcium, so I think that's why it helps).  I also officially feel large. I think that I've lost some mobility and I've turned the corner from being "cute & pregnant" to "oh! when's she due??" I think I'm also having some braxton-hicks type contractions here and there. But nothing very obvious yet.

Cravings: None to speak of

Aversions: None to speak of

Exercise:  Monday: 45 min prenatal yoga, Wednesday: 45 min power yoga at lunch, Thursday: 45 min hike with a friend.

Best Moment of the Week: Having a little alone time with my parents last weekend. Laughing at my dad's swearing antics as he helped to do some work in the nursery, and seeing the light on my mom's face as she showed me the blankets she knit for the twins. They are going to be perfect companions on the cool fall days when we take them hiking. I can't wait.

What I Look Forward to: My appointment with my OB on Monday, to start talking more about a birth plan. 


Heather said...

LOL about the swearing. I need to watch it or else f%#* might be E's next word! Sounds like the nursery is coming along. Only a few more months! :-0

St Elsewhere said...

I never knew you swore so much....ha ha ha!

Congrats on hitting this new milestone. I read your previous post was so infuriating to read about people's response to the fertility clinic. Never expected this....after all. it's a medical facility and not a brothel, given the supposes moral outrage people exhibited!

St Elsewhere said...

Ouch...did you delete the previous post?

RunningMama said...

Yeah! So glad you are cruising along into T3!! With heartburn, I found towards the end that it was VERY important that I not eat anything before I went to bed...or I'd wake up an hour or two later with heartburn...but everyone is different. Just think! This time next year, you'll be filling easter baskets!! Love the blankets your mom made. My grandmother was a knitter and I always wished I had some handicraft talent...maybe someday!

LisaB/lisabttc said...

Wow, the third tri! Omg! Yay! Good luck at your appt on exciting!

Gurlee said...

Third time is a charm? I have been trying to post comments, wth?

Anyway, I can't believe you are already in the 3T! It is amazing how fast time is going, those babies will be here before you know it. Keep enjoying the ride.

Cherm said...

Yay 3T!!!! So excited for you! Kathleen those blankets are so sweet. What a sweet gift from your mom. I love it. You are still very cute and pregnant...:)