Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Taking One for the Team

(Side note: Don't forget that it's National Infertility Awareness Week!!! Do all that you can to bring awareness to this disease! Facebook, Tweet, Blog... whatever you can do to speak out)

Does anyone out there know what Custard is? Frozen Custard, I mean... I happen to live near the "Custard Capital of the World". It's like ice cream, but with extra eggs yolks and yummy goodness. So I guess then it has more fat and cholesterol in it. Which babies seem to like.

And thus, it's a new addition to my 3rd trimester diet.

My Perinatologist basically gave me the go-ahead to eat more frozen custard to help add more fat to my babies. And I thought to myself, "Sure... I GUESS I can take one for the team"

I think I've said this before, but... if I can't drink some good wine, then frozen custard (or ice cream) is a decent second place!

We had our monthly ultrasound last Friday and things looked pretty good, but the babies didn't grow quite as much as we would have liked/expected. Nothing alarming, but just not quite what the "average" gain should have been. Additionally, they are less close in weight than they have ever been. Last month, they were 2 lbs 2 oz and 2 lbs 4 oz (at 26 weeks) and this month they are 2 lbs 15 oz and 3 lbs 4 oz (at 30 weeks).

Because of this, the Peri decided to check the blood flow in the umbilical cords to make sure they were getting enough volume, and based on those results they are doing super! But the fact that they were a bit sluggish in growth this past month means that they want to monitor me just a bit more closely AND up the calories, specifically for fat and protein.... thus the custard. It could also mean that the placentas are starting to become a bit inefficient and so resting more is essential.

Got it... naps and custard... I can do that!

(Now some doctors don't agree that more calories into mama = fatter babies, within reason of course, like, I shouldn't be starving myself. But it will be interesting to hear what my OB says about this when I meet with him next week. My OB and Peri don't normally consult with each other unless there is something to consult on. So far, no need.)

Their slightly sluggish weight gain did worry me a bit, though. I think after a blissfully easy pregnancy so far, having something not be as fantastic as it could be put me into a worry spiral and a lot of the fear of things not going well from infertility crept back in. It's easy to let all of those other negatives and defeats overtake you and make you react to not so perfect news.

In the long run, things are certainly going to be fine, right? But one little blip and my panic button appears. Hormones, post traumatic infertility stress... however you want to explain it. I have calmed down for now... Maybe it's all the yummy goodness in the custard!


And now the stats, and a belly pic:

Status: 30w5d (but the pic is from 30w0d)

Weight Gain: I'll weigh in again on Monday.

Symptoms:  Heartburn is gone!!! No idea why, but I'll take it. Having a few braxton hicks contractions still, but not every day and only if I take a really long walk or climb up a few flights of stairs.

Cravings: Frozen Custard!!! (Ha!, not really. But I'll pretend). Definitely feeling like I'm needing more protein though, so I'll have to find more creative ways of getting that into my body, since I normally don't eat meat. I suppose I can open my diet back up to turkey and of course bacon... who doesn't love bacon. Fish is always good too, assuming it's low in mercury.

Aversions: None to speak of

Exercise:  I've lost track of a week or so. But I have cut down on this a bit too, since the Peri told me a nap would be better than a walk at this point in my pregnancy. I am stubborn though and don't really want to turn into a total slug, so for now, I'm just trying to do a little walking here and there with the dog and then prenatal yoga.

Best Moment of the Week: My parents came for a visit on Friday to attend our ultrasound. It was neat to be able to share that experience with them. I wish they pictures would have been better, since as they babies get bigger in there, it is harder to get good angles to see their faces. But it was nice to have them with. Also, Tidy and I finished our childbirth and parenting class series at our HMO. They have occurred this past Saturday and the prior one from 9a to 4:30p. It's a LONG day for a weekend, but we're officially certified now!! As if that will make us good parents, right?

What I Look Forward to: This weekend, my friend Mags is coming to visit and take some pregnancy photos... before I get TOOO big for pictures!! I honestly do love this pregnant body now and while I tend to feel fat here and there, I am finding some beauty in it. So it will be nice to document that. Also, we should have a few more things done in the house this weekend so we can finally put the majority of the finishing touches on the nursery. I hope to update on that next week.


RunningMama said...

Yeah! Love the cute belly shot and can't wait for you to get professional pics!

As for the calories in contribution to baby weight gain...I think it definitely affects babies if you aren't getting enough calories...but generally, I think we are hard-wired to grow a certain size baby. I really tried to focus on eating protein and fat this pregnancy and my baby was only 3 oz more than my first baby. So, I would say definitely try and eat lots of protein and a healthy amount of fat, but don't stress out about it. I can't believe how close you are! Yeah!!!

Jesica said...

LOVE the belly!

Good luck with your custard! Sounds tasty!

KC said...

You look fabulous!!!! That is the pregnant belly I wish I had. The funny thing is that I told myself that mine was wide and huge because of the twin thing.
Don't worry about the baby growth thing (although easier said than done). That happened to me in the final weeks of my pregnancy. My babies growth seemed to be sporadic. I actually chalked it up to bad measurements by the ultra sound techs. Seriously they can be way off on birth weight (as much as 2 or 3 pounds at birth). Two days before I had my boys I was told they were almost exactly the same weight and they were over a pound a part.
Enjoy the custard!

lisabttc said...

Naps and forzen custard!! Mmmmm. That sounds nice! I wish you didn't have something to worry about though. Come on babies, fatten up a little for your mommy and daddy! :-) I bet they'll look even bigger next time.
You look amazing!!!

St Elsewhere said...

Your belly bump is so cute.

And you are being allowed a straight go to yummy fattening food! Wow!

Glad for the heartburn that's gone away now!


Heather said...

YUM custard! I wonder if frozen custard is a midwest thing. I never saw or heard of it during the 11 years I lived in the south. Either way, custard + naps = heaven in my book! Enjoy the relaxation while you have it. In a couple of months you'll look back fondly on those custard naps. LOL!

Lara said...

Glad things are going so well. I discovered milk while I was pregnant. I could drink a gallon or more a week. Who knew there were 9 grams of protien in just 8 oz?

Elle said...

You have got to be one of the fittest pregnant women I have ever seen. You are skinny as a rail with the most adorably pregnant belly. You look fantastic!

I LOVE custard. My favorite is vanilla with caramel and cashews. Sometimes it is fun to add some marshmallow fluff to that too. ;)

Enjoy the custard and naps. Take one of each for me please. ;)

mommy someday said...

Here from ICLW. :-)

LOVE frozen custard! Never heard of it until I moved to VA. I love chocolate with a few reese's pieces on top.

Your belly pic is so cute. Best wishes to you!

Gurlee said...

You continue to look terrific!

Relax, eat, and enjoy the 30's. You are getting close!!

returntogobaby.com said...

Yum! Custard. Enjoy!

Also, you look fabulous.


jill's infertility document said...

I lived in Madison, WI for a while so I definitely know what custard is. And full fat ice cream, cheese and curds. Everything is creamier in Wisconsin. Enjoy!

Thinking of you and those growing babes. Give em some fat and protein! Let us know how the next appointment goes.