Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Little Bit Conceited

15 week belly!!! It's really there... starting to look like a pregnant belly... That's me!! With a pregnant belly!!! Can you believe it?!?!?

This picture makes it seem like it grew a lot in the last few weeks. But while it might look kind of big in the picture here, I think it depends on how I stand, or pose, or if it's in the morning versus the evening.... So I think I'll try to take my pictures all at the same time of day, right in the morning (before the bloat sets in)

So this belly thing is weird still, but I'm starting to want to show it off a little, or at least not try to hide it so much. I'm not sure if it's because I want to convince people that I'm not just a little pudgier, or if it's just that I'm really starting to get excited about this. Either way, I think I need to start 'owning' this belly.

I've found that I feel mostly excited about it when I'm at the gym in my spinning and running clothes kind of looking in the mirror to see if maybe people might think I'm pregnant and think, good for her, she's staying in shape while pregnant. How conceited is that, huh? A good blog friend wrote about this once in her post at the end of her recent pregnancy... and now I totally get it!

But I really think that this excitement about the belly specifically at the gym is due to the fact that I still just get so damn giddy during and after I've had a good workout, thinking to myself "Look at me!!! I'm pregnant AND I'M RUNNING!!!"

...and that's not really any big feat. People run all the time while they are pregnant, way way more than me. But I think its one of the ways that I am laughing in the face of fear with this pregnancy. FEAR.... YOU DON'T OWN ME! After all of these years, of disappointment and worry and what if's, I shall not carry that over into this new phase. I will not let it rule me. And so, as I run and spin with a smile on my face and a little glance in the mirror at the belly, I'm really just reveling in the freedom and weightlessness that I feel from overcoming this part of fear that many of us infertiles have once we do finally get pregnant... The, I-got-pregnant-and-now-I-want-to-live-in-a-bubble-for-9-months kind of fear.

And now...the stats:

Status: 15w0d

Weight Gain: I'll finally know this on Monday at my check up with my OB. I think I'm going to be shocked. Any guesses? 10 lbs, 15???  I'm gonna guess 11.

Symptoms: Tension headaches are still here, but manageable. I"m going to talk with my OB about them at my appointment on Monday to see if maybe they are a sign of anemia.. Other than that, not much to speak of at all, although I am starting to feel a bit more sluggish with the extra weight, for example, it's harder to climb up the stairs at work and it's harder to get out of the car. I think maybe that's because I can't use my ab muscles just aren't as effective as they were before...

Cravings: Still on the OJ thing, and now grapefruits. I've also been really into bagels and cream cheese, oh and green peppers! Earlier this week, green pepper pizza sounded amazing to me! And before pregnancy, I would cringe at green peppers on my pizza! Amazing what the body does, huh?

Aversions: Non really to speak up. My chocolate affliction that I had pre-pregnancy is coming back a bit.

Exercise: Sunday - 1 hr warm power flow yoga, Tuesday - 3 mile run on the treadmill, 45 min non-warm power flow yoga, Today - 1 hr spinning class.... SO it seems that I can get my butt to the gym about 3 times a week, but I think I need to up this a bit while I can and get my body a bit stronger to handle the weight that I know is going to start to pack on. Let's go for 4 times this week, k?

Best Moment of the Week: Nothing really to do with pregnancy, but the Pog has been super sweet lately. Monday was still a holiday for me but Tidy had to work. So Pog and I woke up with Tidy early and after he left, I made a bagel and cream cheese, along with a glass of OJ and got back into bed to read some magazines and do some Internet surfing. Then after about an hour of luscious laying in bed, I feel back asleep for a 2 hour nap. Bliss!

What I Look Forward to: Getting some of our estimates back and the work started on our house. We need some new insulation in the attic and in the ceiling of the garage to get the bedroom area of the house a bit more baby friendly. It's a little drafty right now!


St Elsewhere said...

You look so gorgeous!!!

2012 is looking up for you and I am so glad!!!

Take Care!

RunningMama said...

Your belly looks like my belly, ha ha!! Yeah for little preggers belly! And, isn't it awesome to be LOOKING pregnant for the world to see???? Enjoy it and BE deserve it!

Anonymous said...

love that baby belly!!! I am impressed with your continual workout...truthfully, the fear has me nailed down! I am hoping after the 8 week scan I will be more relaxed and ready to start back.

Infertile Farmer said...

Good for you girlie! Love your little baby bump! You should feel awesome with how you look and for working out while pregnant, and most of all for your awesome attitude toward the whole experience! You rock!!

Anonymous said...

You look absolutely amazing, my friend. I can't wait to hear about you working out in your maternity work-out gear. :D

Sarah said...

you are looking fantastic!!! Way to Go Momma!!!