Thursday, January 19, 2012

Do Twins Run in Your Family?


I could just stop there, but I don't.

My usual response to the above referenced question, that I've been getting a LOT of at work lately is this...

"No. They don't. We tried for many years, but needed help. So our twins are the result of using fertility treatments"

And I stop there.

For the most part, people's reactions have been simple and excited. They don't pry more, they don't react like I'm a freak show because I shared this little snippet into my life, and they don't try to give me advice (... I do have a post coming on advice however... soon..).

It's as easy as that sometimes, to just be honest, and not ashamed of the fact that we needed help. It feels good. I feel proud in some way too, and maybe that's not the most gracious way to feel, but I do. I feel like I've conquered 2 things here: 1) my infertility and 2) a bit of a perceived stigma about having to get help.

And with that feeling comes a little bit of freedom from the years of defeat.

And now...the stats and a belly picture!

Status: 17w0d

Weight Gain: I won't have any idea until I go back to my OB in early Feb, but I definitely think I've grown noticeably since last week, so I bet the pounds are going to start packing themselves on.

Symptoms: (While knocking on wood) This week has been headache free! Yay!!! Big positive there. I've also started to possibly feel some movements going on. Right now they are sporadic gas bubble type feelings and little twitchy instances, but noticeable nonetheless. Also, I am still having some gallbladder pain, although I have been adjusting my food back to a more vegan diet, with a small amounts of cheese and fish here and there to get a little fat and protein. I am going in for a gallbladder ultrasound next week to see if I indeed have gallstones. Ugh.

Cravings: This week, nothing really to speak of.

Aversions: Again, none to speak of

Exercise: Friday - 3 mile run, Sunday - 1 hr spinning, Wednesday - 45 min lunch time yoga at work. Once again, other things like work and friends are getting in the way of getting to that gym 4x a week. ... but we'll try again this week. I did get some new work out clothes too, so maybe that will help!

Best Moment of the Week: Nothing really stands out except for some sweet quiet moments at home with Tidy and the Pog. With some of my new responsibilities at work, it has been super busy during the day, so when I come home at night I'm just enjoying a little down time of doing nothing. The simplicity of it is so soothing.

What I Look Forward to: Our 18 week ultrasound next Thursday.


Mags said...

Sorry for the possible gallstones! Ugh. But so excited for possible movement! It just gets better. And I can hardly imagine feeling two in there at the same time. How cool! And I admire how honest you're being with people. I think it means a lot for others who have or are currently struggling. Meanwhile, I can't believe I haven't seen you to give you a hug in person yet over all of this. Must remedy that SOON.

RunningMama said...

Hellloooo, pretty belly!!!! My sister always says "they do now" if people ask her if twins run in the family.

Sybil said...

I have felt some bubbles this week too but I can't decide if it is the baby or gas bubbles :) My ultrasound is next Thursday too - hopefully they will all behave and let us know if they are boys or girls!!

K. said...

We get that a lot..."oh do twins run in your family?" My answer, "Nope they are all science." or "No, thank God for science." That usually puts people at ease.

Lindsey said...

Your bump is so cute and I love that you're being so up front about your twinkies!! People seem to ask me alot if we are going to have another one and I usually answer along the lines of "well this one took us a long time to get so I hope we get lucky again" and if they ask more fromt ehre I'll fill them in vaugely.

PS holy crap excersize queen! No wonder you look so good!

Young Grasshoper said...

I think you have a great attitude about that question. I don't mind telling people that I know, but when strangers ask (which they almost always will once they are born) I just say no, and leave it at that. I don't feel like giving a stranger the details of my childrens' conception. People are fascinated and curious with multiples so get ready for the questions! You look great btw :-)

Anonymous said...

I think your response is perfectly graceful....and knowing you, you just naturally put people at ease with your smiles. :D And OH how I LOVE that belly, girl!!! Makes me smile big time!

Bernadette & Duane said...

Good for you! I am PROUD of my infertility too! You, by the way, look fantastic--it's getting so real now!!!

Donor Diva said...

Love the belly pic!

Elle said...

This is such an awesome post. It is so nice to read a blog where an infertile finall overcame, and to make it better, pregnant with twins!

You look incredible. I can't believe you work out so much while being pregnant, and with twins! You're a super woman. I am You're going to be one of those women who loses the baby weight within weeks of delivery. I am so envious.

Keep it up girl! I can't wait for that ultrasound too. I hope you find out what you are having (if you want to know, that is).

Heather said...

You look fantastic and congrats for still working out! Good for you! I am hardly managing that! Have a look at my blog for my belly pic too. :)