Sunday, December 11, 2011

1 T down, 2 to Go! 12 Weeks!

Whoopee!!! We made it through the first trimester. Officially today our chances of miscarriage drop to 1%! (Although, I wonder if it's still a bit higher for twins or multiples... but... no need to over-analyze this, right?)

Thanks everyone for responding to my thoughts on my OB in the last post. So much great advice out there. We are going to have our NT scan next Thursday with the Peri that would be ours if we had one so I will definitely ask her some questions. I just adore this community for its wealth of knowledge.

So, this is going to be the first official 'tracking' post of my pregnancy. I've been searching through other blogs and have found different things that I want to keep note through this amazing experience that we are lucky enough to be on.

 But first.. the belly pics:

6 weeks and 4 days. I hope I can get back there some day.

12 weeks and 0 days. There's definitely a little bit of a bump there. I still feel like it's mostly a food belly and bloat right now because of everything that I've been eating, but I think it's somewhat of a baby bump too. Can you see it? I think, if you have a discerning eye, you can see that the girls have gotten bigger too. (Tidy's happy about that! Ha!)

And now...the stats:

Status: 12w0d

Weight Gain: +4 lbs at my OB appointment last week (11w1d)

Symptoms: Up until now, I really haven't had that many symptoms other than extreme hunger, and if I don't have something in my belly, I either feel a bit icky or a bit faintish. My boobs surely have gotten a lot bigger, but they haven't really hurt. Just the last few days, they are more sensitive, but not painful. I also have not had much fatigue or back pain or heartburn or anything. OH! But I am having some nasal stuff. Always have to blow my nose and have some blood in there too. Sorry, I know... TMI. My neti pot has definitely become a good friend.

Cravings: Recently, not that many, other than just food, food and more food. But in the beginning, I was craving turkey. I dreamed of a whole roasted turkey one night that I found under my kitchen sink, and I just sat there in my dream and devoured it. I've also been really into bubbly water lately and juice. My morning routine is to make an egg and toast and have a glass of 1/3 juice and 2/3 Pelligrino. YUM!  That only lasts me for about an hour before I need to eat more though. Finally, fruit always sounds good: strawberries, pineapple, raspberries, apples. Double YUM!
Aversions: I don't yet have any strong aversions either, but I am definitely not craving the things I usually do: Coffee, red wine, vegetarian type dishes. They don't sound bad, but they don't sound awesome!

Exercise: Sunday - 3 mile run, Tuesday - 1 hr spinning class, Tonight - I WAS going to go to yoga, but a nap on the couch sounded better.

Gender: We've decided not to find out!!! So I won't be tracking this.

Best Moment of the Week: Telling a friend of mine at work who has been so supportive of me these past few years. She was having a bad week and she said, "Tell me some good news" and I told her we were pregnant, with twins... and she cried... It was beautiful!

What I Look Forward to: Buying my first maternity clothes.


Chris said...

Quiz to see which one of us knows your husband best - if you told him about your dream of finding a mystery turkey, what was his response (possibly via a song)?

Cherm said...

Tidy: "What kind of beer did you have with it" Ha!
So friggin excited for you!!! i love your tracking. I definitely see a pooch forming...pretty cute! Have fun maternity clothes shopping. Yay!

Heather said...

Yay for being team green! We were too and let me tell you there is nothing like finding out the moment you give birth.

You look great! And yep, looks like a baby belly to me. :-) Good luck at your NT scan.

Mangopuppy said...

Sounds like you're doing great so far...I couldn't eat ANYTHING during the first tri; I was SO sick, and thought maybe it was just cuz I had twins. I guess NOT! Love the tracking belly pics -- you won't BELIEVE how huge that belly can get!

jill's infertility document said...

Congrats on 12 weeks! Looking forward to following your progress!

Baby Hopes said...

Good heavens, dear! You look AMAZING!!! Sweet mercy of all... you put me to shame!

Congratulations on finishing out your first trimester!!! That's a huge accomplishment to celebrate!!!! Wishing you the best as you head into your second trimester! How fun that you're not finding out the genders of your little ones!! :) And how sweet of a story with your office friend! I loved it!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations T!! I am so happy for you reaching this milestone. - ADH

RunningMama said...

Ack! I've been so busy with life/work that I hadn't seen this!! Yeah for belly pics! My boobs hurt in the beginning, but then it went away. They've been feeling really FULL lately. In the begining of my pregnancy I just wanted MEAT MEAT MEAT so your turkey craving totally makes sense! I can't believe you are going to find out the SEX! AHHHH! How are you going to do that???

Maria said...

OMG! I haven't seen this post yet??? WTF? You are so friggin' cute, and I can't believe you're already in the 2nd trimester, girl! I love love LOVE your favorite moment of the week....too adorable. :)