Monday, August 20, 2012

10 weeks

Weeks, days, hours, are flying by. Each day seems to go so fast, but when I look back on the day and the weeks, months, so much has seemed to happen. Kids change your perspective on time, huh?

The past few days have been up and down with my sweet little M&M. She has some fussy ones and then ones when she could sleep all day. I think there is so much going on in their little brains and they are changing at such a rapid pace that some days they just need to sleep and other days they need to fuss. We've started some reflux meds for her and also probiotics. Hopefully that and time will help her with her pain and sadness. We have had more happier moments lately and that has been nice. One interesting thing that she has started is a pout when she gets sad or is in pain and it just melts my heart. She's becoming so much more expressive and it makes me proud.

The Bean Burrito has been his ever steady mellow sweetie... I could snuggle with him all day. He's also very expressive and seems to look at me with adoring eyes, melting my heart yet again.

Tonight, as Tidy made dinner for my mom and me, I put Bean & M in their two rock-n-play thingies and sang to them. They were both looking at me and smiling and responding with coos and various other expressions that I felt like it was the first time we were all communicating together... The warmth I felt as my family spent time together in my favorite room, the kitchen, fulfilled a long sought after dream. Hopefully a lifetime of family dinners sits before us.

These kids do something new each day that help me get over the interrupted sleep, fussy crying and being pooped and puked on...way over. They bring me so much joy, it's unexplainable.

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KC said...

Such a sweet post, love the moments when you feel the love and sense of family. It is what we all worked so hard for and it is such an incredible feeling. So glad M&M is feeling better and your days are getting a tad bit easier. I always tell myself twice the work, twice the love.
My favorite time with my boys is our morning sing along. I sing ridiculous songs (their favourites are "pump up the jam", "we like to party" (venga bus), and "party for 2" which I change to party for three. None of which have ever been my favorite but you go through your arsanal of songs and whatever makes them smile sticks.
I love your updates, keep them coming. Would also love to see some more pictures if you have a chance.