Sunday, June 10, 2012

Let the Countdown Begin

We had our final OB appointment this past Friday and set a date for our C-section.

We aren't sharing the date...

But we basically know we will have our babies on or before that date. If I go into labor before then, we will head to the hospital, assess the babies' positions and if they are still breech, will prep for the C-section  then.

I can NOT believe it's almost here. That THEY are almost here. I keep trying to envision what that day will be like and I simply can't. I think it's going to blow my mind.

It's OK though, because it helps me stay focused, here in the moment, and not freak out too much about my surgery... the surgery that will bring my babies into this world.

So I guess I don't have a whole lot to share other than this pregnancy is coming to an end in the near future and a big brand new chapter in our lives is going to begin... becoming parents... and I really truly don't have words right now to sum up the anticipation and excitement in my head. So instead I fall back to just staying in the present moment and enjoying this quiet peaceful time with Tidy & the Pog.


And now the stats

Status: 37w3d

Weight Gain: At 37w1d, I was 44 lbs up.

Symptoms:  Carpel tunnel is there but manageable. More intense Braxton-Hicks and after talking with my OB on Friday, confirming that I must have lost my mucus plug. Other than that, still feeling pretty normal.

Cravings: None to speak of

Aversions: None to speak of

Exercise:  Weekly prenatal yoga and prenatal pilates

Best Moment of the Week: My Saturday with Tidy: Cleaning and putting stuff away in the house, and hour and a half nap, cooking dinner, laughing together, and snuggling with the Pog.

What I Look Forward to: First and foremost, my babies!! But I have started to think past the birth a bit and been getting excited about running again and beer!!! BEER!!!!!!


Jenny said...

I'm thrilled for you and can't believe your big day is close at hand! You and Tippy are in for such a treat (well, two of them)! I hope you savor these last days BC (before children) and then the sweet, sweet time with newborn baby twins! Looking forward to seeing pictures of them, learning their names, and meeting them!

Gurlee said...

Good luck, I know it will be fine (the section) and well worth it! So happy and excited for you.
Hooray for babies, running, and beer!!!!

KC said...

I am so incredibly happy for you, hold on to your seats because it is going to be the best ride you have ever had. The moment you hold those little babies this entire journey becomes more than worth while. You will appreciate every moment with them because it is what you have dreamed of. Yes it is hard but nothing worthwhile is easy. I can't wait to see pictures, hear names, and listen to the birth story. You are in my thoughts my friend!

KC said...

By the way I am going to be stalking your blog!!!

Elizabeth McGrath said...

Babies & beer!!!! I can't wait to enjoy both of those things. :)

Elizabeth McGrath said...

I meant - I can't wait FOR YOU to enjoy both of those things :)

St Elsewhere said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you and the babies...I feel they might have already arrived or are about to.

Many many prayers!

Roccie said...

Tick tock tick tock.

I am sitting on the edge of my seat.

They are going to blow you away with joy.