Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Work Shmerk

I've survived 2 weeks of being a working mother with 3 month olds. It sucks.

Honestly, it really does.

I know people say it gets easier, and yes, the waking up and the routine does. But I don't like it one bit. I miss them so much throughout the day and want so badly to be there for them. I'm so grateful that they are with Tidy. It's the second best thing to me. But it hurts when they are not with me.

Is this unhealthy? I don't think so. I think it's just the honest emotion of this. I never really thought that I could be a full time stay at home mom. And I'm not sure that in the long run I could. But I do know that  if I had the choice, I would not be working right now. They are too young. And I feel like I am missing so much. I think I should have moved over seas...

Here's a few pics for now to tide you over until I get some time to actually write a meaningful post.

M&M w/ her Grandpa giving the all knowing look of "Yeah, I got him wrapped around my finger"

The Bean being a "fussy guss" in his fathers chest. The cry he has makes my heart melt. I want to fix them... every time.

3 month mug shot


Amy said...

3 months already! What little cuties!

St Elsewhere said...

Dear Tippy,

I went to work when the kid was 6 months old. Still, it was difficult (and still is) because my mind was fixated on Figlia all the time. I quite understand how it must feel.

The babies are gorgeous!

I do not perceive myself to be a SAHM too...but I could not have stayed off-work for any longer either. Sucks.

RunningMama said...

Being away from babies is SOOOO hard. I will say that it gets easier as they get older and they WANT to go to daycare. But, I really think that we shouldn't have to work until kids are 1.5-2 years old when they WANT to be around other kids all day and not just mommy. It will get easier, but there will never be a day that you don't wish you were home with them...at least for a couple more hours.

Gurlee said...

I am with you.

If only I could work part time and make the same amount of money.

They are adorable, wow!

KC said...

Wowsa, you have some adorable babes! I think the American system sucks and that every mother should get to stay home for a full 12 months with pay. We take it for granted here in Canada and after blogging I have grown to really appreciate it. I am also not meant to be SAHM but you need the first year to spend with your babes. Come to Canada!

LeslieGail said...

I think it is totally normal to miss them and want to be with them. Sorry that it sucks so much right now! Hugs!

Elle said...

Oh my gosh they are so cute! I can't believe they are 3 months already!

The first little while back to work is really hard, especially the first year. My husband stayed home with Little Bean until she was 9 months old, so I would go home for lunch every day. Then when he got a job outside the house and we put her in daycare, we put her in one close to work so I could still see her at lunch.

I think it gets a lot easier when they are over a year old because then they don't grow as fast, so you don't feel like you miss as much. Plus when they are less than a year, they are 100% dependant, and its hard to hand that over to someone else when you're the mom.

Hang in there!

jill's infertility document said...

Not unhealthy but totally normal and so hard. But I think you guys have a great gig with Tidy staying at home.

Dear God Tippy, those babes are too cute.

Heather said...

Too cute!