Wednesday, June 8, 2011

and... WHEREAS,

Has anyone ever read a legal agreement for an donor egg IVF cycle? Or I guess any legal agreement whatsoever? Wow... It's gonna take me 10 times to read through that to wrap my head around it.

We recieved our 12 page contract yesterday from my clinic's lawyers to review. The first two pages are basically one long-ass run on sentence, broken up by the words, 'and' and 'WHEREAS' explaining all of the interested parties and the situation occurring and the intent of the parties. For all you legal people out there, why do you have to write so strange?

So here are some updates, strung together by 'ands and WHEREASs' in honor of the legal agreement we hope to sign soon:
  • I got my period today, so we start birth control. In a perfect world (and we all know how perfect the world really IS...) I could be transferring embryos back into me in about 8 weeks. Let's hope the stars align and we get to that place with this... and
  • WHEREAS, I've decided on a nickname for our Donor. Thanks everyone who gave me their wonderful suggestions. They all were creative, but  my favorite was Dotty (Donor for Tippy and Tidy!!). Thanks Jana!!! I love it... and
  • WHEREAS, So, no time like the present to start using it. Dotty had her psych consult last Friday. Verbally sounds like things went well.  My clinic is now just waiting for the written report from the shrink... and
  • WHEREAS, it looks like I may need to get another infections disease tests done: HIV, Hep, STDs... gotta love all the blood I've given over the past few years, huh? Who knew my veins would be tapped ever few months for  FOUR PLUS YEARS! The last screening we did was July 1st of 2010 and I think the FDA requires it be a year from the date of something... baseline, transfer? I dont' know which, but regardless, it will likely be just expired when we get to that point. Perfect... and
  • WHEREAS, Tidy is done with his teaching gig or for the school year starting FRIDAY! He's SOOO happy and so am I. It means we will get some projects done on the yard soon. Yeah! (Oh, I said we... I mean HE)... and
  • WHEREAS, Tidy and I got "road trip fever" the other day when we were in the car, so I took some vacation time in a few weeks and we are heading west to the Rockies to commune with the nature and good beer (we'll be stopping by some breweries on our way). I can't wait. I'm SOOO craving some mountains and camping and good beer (especially after my cleanse). Good times.


Krista said...

Oohhhh....loving the post! So many good things to be excited about!!! Oh, I hope hope hope you'll have those special embies in your uterus in 8 weeks! So exciting!!! Have fun in my State....we definitely have beautiful scenery and good beer (from what my husband tells me..ha!) Enjoy the next 8 weeks to the fullest!!!

Krista said...

We haven't camped very much since we've been out here. A few times but nothing that I'd be excited to tell you about. We do however do a lot of hiking, and yes...Rocky Mountain National Park is a must see!! We were just up at the breweries in Fort Collins a few weeks ago. We went to Odells and New Belgium. The New Belgium tour is awesome, the Odells tour isn't that great, but my husband says the beer is awesome at Odells!! Have fun and can't wait to hear about it!

Marissa said...

THEREFOR, it sounds like things are going well!

Glad to hear you're moving on down the path, with Dotty being all un-crazy.

Baby Hopes said...

Cute post! I'm glad things are coming together. I truly hope that this brings you your little one(s)! The road trip sounds amazing!

cgd said...

Getting very excited for you!!!!!!!

Jana said...

Woohoo! I won! Well, sort of... ;)

Anyway, glad to hear things are moving, my fingers are crossed for you! And your roadtrip sounds great, have fun!

RunningMama said...

I love road trips! And, I am totally a mountain girl vs. an ocean girl. I love Rocky Mt. National Park, but to be honest, the best road trip we ever did was through the national parks in Utah (Zion, Bryce, Canyonlands, Moab). It was an awesome trip. Also, I am SO GLAD I didn't become a lawyer. Exact attention to semantics would drive me bonkers.

marilyn said... sounds good and so does camping! Take pictures for us:)This is so are starting the new cycle!

Chelle said...

lol! You are too cute. We have to find the humor in the tough (and somewhat confusing) things life hands us.

Woohoo for summer vacation AND the Rockies (I grew up in them)! You guys totally need a break and some good beer. Go forth, drink, and be merry!... And then come home and get pregnant already!